Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Confidence Boost

Ugh!  I am admitting failure once and for all...I've been trying really hard to think of something to do for a couple of people on our Christmas list...I thought I'd finally settled on something and bought all the materials...Zoe and I started it last week and every day that passes it's become more and more clear that it might not work out...finally just now I gave it a good go and it's officially a bust.

SO, I'm sharing with you two things that have gone well and that I'm happy about in the hopes that it'll help me move past this particular failure and be alright with getting a couple of store bought gifts instead...we can only do our best right?

Anyway, one of my brothers is engaged to be married and I couldn't be happier for them.  I've always loved Wally's sense of humor and he has found a partner in Katie who not only gets him but totally jives with him.  They have a blast together and I'm so psyched for both of them.  I decided I wanted to make this "smitten" for them as a sort of engagement gift.  It's totally cheesy and impractical (what about the other hands??) and so I thought they might get a kick out of it.  I'm actually pretty proud of myself because it posed a lot of new knitting challenges for me!
To be worn while holding hands...as the pattern says: "Nothing says love quite like a smitten"...ah, love and corny knitting projects.
Then today, Zoe and I made some wrapping paper using freezer paper and sponges.  I cut the sponges out in different shapes including a couple of Christmas trees and a star and we went crazy with green, red and yellow paint...fun!

So, yeah...wiping the slate clean here and moving on to the next project.  I'm finishing up a knitting project for Owen that I'm excited to show off when it's all done and I'm also jumping in with both feet with my new sewing machine.  I have a couple of gifts in mind for the kids and I'm hoping for the best.  Hope today's failure will be the only one--wish me luck!

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  1. I hope you don't mind. I am just getting into the groove of blogging.:) I am trying to find mothers that love their children just like I do:) Love the "Smitten"!