Monday, July 24, 2017

Cape Week 2017

Our annual family trip to Cape Cod was a smashing success yet again. We had a smaller crowd this year, but the magic remained. It's so fun each year to notice how much the kids have changed...most notably for the Stith clan this year was the independence we were able to let Zoe experience. She and her fellow older cousins spent much of the week going back and forth between the beach on bikes, creating their own memories, while the adults relaxed back at Regan Road. We soaked up our "sittin' circle" (lawn chairs surrounding our beloved Mom/Gram) with the constantly rotating collection of cousins, aunties, and uncles. I love the traditional destinations we always hit but cherish those quiet conversations with my nieces and nephews, watching them bond with each other and Gram.

I'm proud of the pictures I took this year, so wanted to share a handful of them. Next year I hope to capture more of the Regan Road vibe but we will see...something pretty great about putting all devices away and just soaking up the together time.

Let the countdown to Cape Week 2018 begin!

Kayaking at Flax Pond

Fisherman Owen



Edgar getting a good toss from Uncle Mike



Gram and Zoe
Jill and Ess soaking up the fun at Flax Pond




Owen getting launched by Uncle Ben


Regan Road! You can see Gram at her perch there...nothing better than stumbling out with a cup of coffee each morning to head down for a sit and chat with that lady

Zoe and Auntie Catherine escorting little Sammy down to one of the houses to find more cousins to play with

2 week old Toby

Gram and Toby

Otto and Ali sharing a float at Scargo



Handful of cousins!

Owen and Toby

Zoe and Toby

Lukas trying out the skim board

Alex showing us how it's done

Gymnasts and Target shoppers, Taylor and Zoe often discover they have the same items of clothing. Popsicle swimsuit twinsies this year.

Cheering on the skim boarders

Alex waiting for just the right moment


Nathan got totally knocked over by a wave at Big Wave Beach

3 of 4 Grabowski sisters...we missed Rachel this year, but she and her family pulled off the cross country trip of a lifetime, so we don't feel too bad for them :-)

Got some great QT with Catherine this year. Can't wait to organize a trip to see them in Georgia sometime sooner rather than later

Big Wave Beach (not it's official name)

Lots of seal sightings at Big Wave out for sharks!
So long Cape Week 2017. Thanks for the memories!