Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Transition

Do you ever have the overwhelming feeling that every thought you have and everything you do has been thought and done to death?  That's the way I feel right now.  Not even really in a depressing way, but just a "Wow, life can be boring sometimes" way.  Once in a while I think I've seen the end of this blog, because I literally feel like I have nothing else to say.  I'm tapped out for the moment in the crafting world...most likely a result of all the fun stuff we did this summer...The lingering hot, humid weather isn't helping with that, either....I could tell you about the fact that Owen, while sleeping much better than he used to, still gets up a couple of times a night.  I don't really mind that much though, so it doesn't really feel noteworthy.  I could tell you about Zoe starting a new school year as a "Roadrunner" and how she said to me after her first day "The Roadrunner room is much more ess-iting than the Tigger room".  She's also riding her own bike to school this year and looks and feels like such a big girl as a result.  So fun and exciting for all of us, but I just feel like I can't form an interesting thought about it all.  I could tell you how Nathan is teaching his first class this semester and seems to be doing great so far, but that is really his news not mine....I could tell you how I've faltered a bit in my Girls With Guts attitude after seeing myself on video camera, but that's a little embarrassing and disappointing so I don't feel ready to talk about that....There's always a funny/frustrating story to relate when it comes to parenting but it feels like that's ALL I talk about these days....By the way, did you know that pediatric dentists see kids as young as Owen?  Zoe and Owen both went to the dentist today and Owen had all 4 of his little tiny teeth checked and cleaned...So cute...I'm excited about the fact that I'm going back to this crunchy yoga studio I discovered and then checking out the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder this weekend, but I want to reserve talking about those too much in case they don't turn out to be what I'm hoping they will be....I could tell you funny stories about my job..for example there was the time a couple of months ago when a resident called me, and after 5 minutes of not being able to understand each other on the phone, I reluctantly went to his apartment.  When I got there, I learned that he was upset because he believed someone had entered his apartment without his knowledge and cleaned it...I'm not kidding when I say he was SURE and he was was I, but for a slightly different reason than he was....or the other night when I checked in a new resident...a young guy here on his own from a foreign country...the process usually takes 15-20 minutes and involves a quick assessment of the physical state of the apartment and a review of the Family Housing rules and regulations, but this one took 45 whole minutes.  He wanted me to approve of the TV he'd recently bought, the dishes, food, computer, etc...he needed help figuring out how to work his iron--a lesson that included a 5 minute conversation about what linen is, exactly.  He needed  a lesson in doing his laundry in the machines here, and wanted to know the exact temperature of the water.  After suggesting he just put everything in cold water and not worry about it, he proceeded to fetch single items from his closet and write them down separately on a piece of paper, all with the instructions "wash in cold" next to them.  He wanted to know if it was against the rules to ask a taxi driver to help him bring something heavy upstairs to his apartment....He wondered if he could change the lock on his front door and/or if he could replace the wooden door with a steel one...He sought approval from me to clean furniture on his balcony as opposed to bringing it down to the lawn....I finally let a sliver of my impatience show through when he expressed concern that a snake was going to somehow climb up the building to his 3rd floor apartment and scare him in his bed.  I could tell you about all of that, but I know that work stories are never as entertaining to the people who don't actually know the job, so I'll spare you.

Anyway, all I'm trying to say is that I think I'm in this strange phase where things are about to be different than they've been for a few months, but they haven't officially changed totally yet.  Leaves me feeling a bit....meh.  Know what I mean?


  1. I know what you mean about the sometime "eh" moments of life, you're not alone. I think you know already ;)

    Of course I laughed to myself about your new resident. Oy, some of these folks. Sometimes I think they need to be checked in! I know you were a lot more patient than I woulda been, that's for sures!

    Love you, Sarah. You're awesome. <3

  2. You too, Marisa! Thanks for understanding... XO