Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ice Block

Just a super fast post to show you this fun activity I had for the kids this morning...I found this link on Pinterest the other day and thought it was just the thing for Zoe and Owen to work on together.  As I said in my last post,  I'm enjoying finding things they can do together while I'm hanging laundry, washing dishes, etc...I'm sending them outside while the weather is still nice so this sounded like the perfect thing.  I was so glad to find out that it was a big hit!  I prepared it the day before and it was soooooo easy.  I threw them ideas here and there when it seemed like they were getting too frustrated but other than that I just let them have at it and they kept busy with it for a long time.

Giant Ice Block!

When I first got it out to show them, Zoe noticed some squinkies  and was really distraught.  As she lamented over them being trapped, wondering if they would ever get out of the ice, I told her it was up to her to free them.  Perfect unplanned setup!

She was really sure for a chunk of time that this would somehow be helpful.  She was trying to tie one end to Owen at one point and he just kept screaming. I asked her to think of another plan of attack that didn't involve tying her brother up.


Water proved most helpful

Those that have been rescued thus far on the boat, a piece of ice yet to conquer on the table...

Taking stock

Cleaning and caring for the survivors after the big rescue

This was a really easy activity to prepare and they loved it--I highly recommend it!

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