Sunday, June 5, 2011

A quick running post

Just wanted to take a minute to talk about how completely PSYCHED I am about how my running is going.  I set out today to just "go longer than 6", which had been my long run last week.  I ended up doing 8!  It might be the farthest distance I've run since getting pregnant with Zoe, which was about 4 years ago or so.  It hurt pretty bad, especially at the end but I'm still riding the high from legs are sore, but my spirits are higher than they've been in weeks!

The key to getting through a long run for me is the mantra.  I went through quite a few today, starting with my tried and's a little tour:

Looking Good, Feeling Strong.....Looking Good, Feeling Strong....(neither of which are true, of course but it still works for me)....Bragging Rights and Eating Chocolate....Bragging Rights and Eating Chocolate (the real truth...couldn't stick with that one too long because it really made me want chocolate RIGHT THEN).....Bragging Rights, Feeling Strong...Bragging Rights, Feeling Strong (close to the truth, and didn't make me hungry)....Looking Good AND Eating Chocolate...Looking Good AND Eating Chocolate (ha, well aren't I clever AND funny?)....You Can Do It...You Can Do It (of course).....(then when I hit the mark where I knew I had a couple of miles left but that the majority of those couple of miles is a gradual downhill)...Slow and Steady...Slow and Steady...Slow and Steady....Slow and Steady (that one lasted a long time)....Less Than a Mile....Less Than a Mile.....(when I hit the point where Zoe started her big run home the other day) This One's For Zoe...This One's For Zoe...This One's For Zoe....(then, when I felt like my tank was on empty and my legs were going to stop working, I started saying this one out loud....well, I whispered it whenever I was alone) DON'T. QUIT. NOW.....DON'T. QUIT. NOW.....DON'T. QUIT. NOW....DON'T. QUIT. NOW....DON'T. QUIT. NOW....

Somehow I made it home without walking and although 8 miles isn't the farthest I've ever run (13.1 miles...twice), it felt like it today and I'm feeling more confident every day that I'm going to get myself back in shape and feel like "myself" again.

Yay Running!


  1. I am completely with you! I just did 8 the other day. Slow and steady wins the race, right!? I really started running after Audrey was born and went from running 2 miles to now around 8. I feel great, lost all the baby weight plus another 15, lost 4 sizes. I'm planning on my first half marathon next year. I have mantras like that too.

    Glad I found your blog. Keep going!!!!

    brittany @

  2. Totally! Anytime I caught myself trying to push it during those last couple miles I actually made myself slow down...I'm not in it for time, that's for sure! Nice work with the running...before kids it's was my greatest accomplishment, and I've been trying to combine the two for a long time now...high hopes that I'm going to succeed this time! Keep us posted on your half!!

    Glad I found yours too...thanks for readin!


  3. Way to go, Sarah! I am so proud of you! It feels so good to push yourself to your limit. Go, mama, go!!!