Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holy s@#t, I made a sweater!

You guys.  I totally made a sweater.  I'm so proud of myself it's a little embarrassing but I don't care.  Yes, it's a tiny one but it's a bona fide sweater and it fits Owen perfectly.  The hood is supposed to have an edge that I decided to leave off (for now) because Owen's big ol' head was too round for it to be worn off but other than that, it's just as it should be!  I had visions of one sleeve ending at his elbow and the other going past his fingertips so I'm thrilled to say the least.  Here's the pattern and here are a couple of photos:
Next up is a sweater for ME believe it or not, and also a dress for Zoe.  I'll keep you posted...

Other than that, we are just recovering from an awesome break together.  We had a fantastic Christmas at home in our little apartment and then a great trip to Oklahoma to visit family there.  Feels like we had the best of both worlds when it comes to Christmas vacation so I can't complain but I'll admit, I'm in the inevitable phase (for me) where I'm bummed out and equally relieved to be getting back into a regular rhythm.  My brain feels a little foggy...can't seem to get many thoughts together so although it's been a while since I've posted, this will have to be a short one....gotta ease my way back into real life here.....


  1. you should be proud--it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! you're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fantastic!! How long have you been knitting? All of my aunts knitted, braided rugs and tatted but since my mom didn't do to much, we never learned beyond the basics. Did you take a class? What would be the best way to learn?

  3. PS He is an adorable little boy-what a wonderful smile!!

  4. Irene: My sister Emily taught me years ago (our grandmother taught her) and I've picked and up and put it down a million times ever since until now. I took a class at one point that was useful and fun so I'd say go for it! Other than that I just have a book and the website that I look at all the time when something comes up that I don't know how to do...