Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another season...

One of my favorite things about the changing seasons since having kids is being able to reflect on how much things have changed in a year...I switch out winter/summer clothes and can't get over the fact that stuff that I thought looked huge now fit Zoe like a glove....always makes me think about what we were doing at this time last year.  This year, as the weather gets warmer and warmer, I've had such a great time just being outside.  I loved getting into crafting this winter, but it's so nice to be outside watching Zoe just play.  Either while Owen naps upstairs, or sits on my lap and watches with me, we sit for hours and just soak up the beautiful weather.  Her imagination is so amazing now, and she can keep herself busy lovely!

Here are some of the fun things we did today, along with working in our garden plot, which I didn't get pictures of...we got dirty from weeding and turning the soil and wet when the hose completely broke and scared us half to death!  Anyway, here are some pictures I did get of our fun day:

This project was inspired by TinkerLab's recent cardboard box challenge.  We had two big boxes and I cut them up and put slits along the sides so she could build something with them.  Perfect for my busy little lady.  She even took out a book of "instructions" and read them out loud.  She had a grand old time telling me what pieces to put where!  When she was done, she told me it was a house for ants.

I had also been excited to make this banner from Frugal Family Fun Blog and got a chance to today.  Super, super easy and really cute.  There were lots of ways for Zoe to help me do it, which of course made it even better!
She chose the order of colors, helped count the triangles so we could get the letters in the middle and spaced them all out nicely on the string

While we were sitting outside playing, Zoe was picking dandelions and tearing up the stems.  All of the sudden I remembered how we used to put the pieces in water and watch them curl up...did you ever do that?

Finally, we got "the call" from our friends Mariah and Pete who have been expecting their 3rd baby any day.  They are wonderful friends of ours, and Zoe spent the night at their house the day Owen was born so we were poised and ready to return the favor.  As I type this, it's almost 9:30 and I'm still not sure they are all settled down and exciting!!

Hooray for sleepovers!!

Nothing better than sleeping in a tent with friends!

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  1. Those cute kids! Looks like fun over there :)

  2. What a fun (and full!) day! Thanks for sharing with me, Sarah. I love that the box is so big and your daughter decided it would be a home for ants. Ha! If you'd like, you're most welcome to add this to the Blog Hop at the bottom of my post. Happy Mothers' Day!

  3. Love the fun w/cardboard, and I especially LOVE the banner you made!! :-)

  4. Fun Cardboard fort, hooray for tent sleep overs with good friends and new babies(!), and that banner is adorable!

    pink and green mama,

  5. Thanks, MaryLea! The banner is SUPER easy and is so cheerful out there--I highly recommend it!

  6. Thanks for sharing this with me. I really love boxes for art projects. It really brings out creativity in my kids. forts are the best!