Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Fun!

Lot's of fun projects and activities to share today so I'll spare you the rambling!

Got this idea for an alternative way to play hopscotch from TinkerLab the other day.  I drew these shapes at random and just told her what to jump could maybe draw the shapes on pieces of paper and draw them from a hat...draw them in different colors, too to add more options.  Zoe didn't stay interested for long, but I think I'll revisit it another day because it is right up her alley..

The other day, we were picking up her blocks by trying to throw them into the bin from far away and she got a huge kick out of it.  So, I decided to make a cardboard box into this little game.  She wanted me to make an alligator but I admitted I had no idea how to do that...this was her second choice but she didn't seem to mind!  We made the little balls out of loner socks from her babyhood that I had hung onto for whatever reason...

Then, she adopted it as her "sound monster" for "circle time" at home.  It's something they do at school and she was thrilled to have an actual sound monster to use in her time has been a regular activity in our house ever since she started school this year....notice her buddies lined up there as the students...she was calling them up one by one to feed the sound monster.  The "teacher" tells you to choose something that begins with a certain letter and you put that in the monster's mouth...
Daddy and Zoe got all dressed up one day as pirates and were having a blast making mean faces at each other and saying "AAAARGH!!!"....

Zoe's mean face!  :-)
I mentioned awhile ago that I'm always looking for ways to use empty egg cartons and I found this great idea on the Frugal Family Fun Blog.  We made some and then Zoe decided she wanted to give them away to friends.  I love that she's always wanting to give stuff away these days, so I was more than happy to help her go around the neighborhood to deliver them!

My big project for the week was inspired by my friend Mariah.  A couple months ago she made some big paper mache snake eggs filled with goodies for her daughter's birthday party.  I decided I wanted to make little ones for the kids' Easter baskets and when I told Zoe that, she of course said "Let's make some for our friends!!"  Always wanting to foster that aspect of her personality, I agreed and just made as many as I could handle for some of our neighborhood buddies.  It was time consuming but really fun!
The work space

Stuffing the eggs

Ready for delivery!
Finally, we had an impromptu pizza party last night with some of our friends...we feel so lucky to have so many great friends as neighbors!

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  1. Love the little "egg carton" baskets! I want to make those!!