Monday, July 18, 2011

A Loss For Words

We just got back from a week long trip to Cape Cod, which explains the larger than normal gap in posts.  The trip was amazing and can easily be described as "The Best Vacation Ever"....Zoe, Nathan and I are in complete agreement on that and I believe most of the other attendees would too.  16 adults, 13 kids (and one on the way!), 1 dog, 4 houses, 1 quiet street, 2 lakes, 2 beaches, 1 fish loading dock, 1 game of musical chairs and 5 days of musical carseats, 4 days of crafts, 1 dance party, 1 Uncle Tim story, 4 late night chats on a screened in porch, 7 after the beach, under the stars outdoor showers, 2 trips to Krista K's ice cream shop, 1 demolished trash can, 5 nights of board games and cards, 7 family dinners, 1 night of smore's, 1 after dinner walk along the beach, 1 naked baby in the ocean for the first time, 1 little girl learning how to swim, 2 games of pirate wars, 2 long swims for a soon-to-be Ironman, 1 wonderful announcement, 1 supportive surprise, 7 days of trampoline jumping, 4 bottles of cheap sangria, 1 trailer full of bikes.  1 huge, supportive, amazing, funny, loving, smart, close and ever growing family.

I wish there was a way to rewind and relive but part of me knows that what makes weeks like that so special and sweet is the rarity of them occurring.  If there was a way I could bottle up my family and take them wherever I go I would, but since I can't I will take these times when the stars align and we are all able to make it to the same place at the same time and do nothing but enjoy each others company and soak it all up to the very last second.  I was trying to talk my sister Jill out of crying when she dropped us off at the airport before I finally realized there's no shame in having a hard time saying goodbye in moments like that.  I miss my family and even though I'm enjoying where we are right now, my heart will forever be on the East Coast.

There.  Now that I've written about that I can move on.....

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  1. After the first paragraph, I wanted to say, "And now we're going to take a BIG bite!" (the picnic game) ;)

    Nothing like time with family.