Friday, October 14, 2011

Catching Rainbows

Owen got a great gift for his birthday from his Auntie Ess:  a little prism for our window.  What I like about it is that it's really simple and small, but it's bringing smiles to all of our faces.  No matter how our morning is going or how I'm feeling I can't help but feel a sense of warmth and happiness when I hear Zoe say "Mommy!  We got some rainbows in this room!"  Then we spend a few minutes looking at all the little rainbows being sprinkled around the kitchen and sometimes play with spinning it and watching the rainbows dance.....what a lovely way to start the day--thanks so much Emily!

Zoe and I got back on board with crafting today and did a little experimenting.  I'll share when all the glue has dried but I feel motivated to try out a bunch of fun Halloween stuff I found on the internet last night.  I have to get myself to the craft store first though of course!  Found this cute and super simple idea during my quest for inspiration yesterday and since we always have clementines in our house it was a no-brainer.  They look really cute and Zoe loved the idea (hers is the one in the middle).  The best thing about them is that we can make them over and over again!
For some reason, I'd forgotten lately how much I love sitting outside watching Zoe play during Owen's naps.  I'm not sure how we got into the habit of staying inside but the other day I realized it's BEAUTIFUL outside right now, and my absolute favorite time of year so we headed out and seem to be back into the habit of being out there when all is quiet in the house.  I even brought some hot chocolate out this afternoon and couldn't have been happier.  I needed a kick in the butt to remind me to take a deep breath and just enjoy outside.  For me, there's not much else that can provide such an instant recharge.
Hard at work making me some "food"

"Mommy, did you say you wanted spaghetti?"

Eat up!
If I may just gripe for a moment here, though.... I can't help but notice lately, that there seems to be a list of things I say often that Zoe completely, 100%, flat-out ignores.  I cannot for the life of me figure out if she ignores them because I say them all of the time or if I have to say them all of the time because she ignores me.  Here is the list of the top 10, starting with the one I have to say most often:

2) No
3) Please do not pick Owen up
4) Please do not pick Owen up and try to put him on the bed (or chair, couch, bike, etc.)
5) Please leave him alone
6) When he screams, he's trying to tell you he doesn't like that
7) Please don't push him any higher than that
8) Please don't talk to me like that
9) When you scream like that, I think you're hurt.  Not that you just "want company"
10) Please don't go into Owen's room while he's sleeping because you will wake him up

There are many, many more but the others depend on the day.  These 10 easily come out of my mouth every day and consistently land on deaf ears.  Or more accurately, perfectly healthy ears that are choosing to hear what I'm saying but respond only with a smirk and a continuation of whatever behavior I'm trying (as politely as I can muster) to put a stop to.  I tell you, it really makes me feel excited about the teenage years.


  1. Love the craft, Sarah! Hang in there!

  2. try this...

    instead of saying the requests in an authoritative voice sing them or say them in a silly way. i bet it'll get her attention. i know that it might make your requests seem less 'serious', but if she's already not listening what's the harm you know?

    fun experiment i tried once...worked for a while anyway and then ains started asking her requests in such a way...instead of demanding she was singing or being funny which beat the whining! good times...

  3. Sarah- your Candy Corn Bark looks awesome! I can't wait to try that at home, my girls will love it!

  4. Thanks, Katie--just to warn--it's super sweet and yummy....hard to resist shoveling it down the hatch. ;-)

    Thanks also for you comments here and on TinkerLab--I've bookmarked your blog so will be keeping up to date with you and your girls' adventures!