Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

I never got around to posting pictures from our fun little 4th of July adventure this year so here you go!  Nathan read somewhere that Nederland, CO (a mountain town about a half hour west of us) was having a parade and festival and since we love Nederland, parades and festivals (and free admission!) it was a no-brainer.  It was very....quaint, but just about the perfect kind of day for our little family...

The Parade

Peas in a pod

He doesn't look excited but these days he's reserving his excitement for after whatever exciting thing has moved along


Main Street (I don't know the actual name of the street, but this just seems to be the main one so...)
Walking to the Festival
We walked along a beautiful little pedestrian trail along this creek..it was short but so picturesque
Zoe is getting so tall these days...that coupled with her new haircut caused me to watch in wonder as she walked along that day...all I could think was "We've got ourselves a little Ramona Quimby."
Playing in Barker Reservoir
(at least I think that's the name of it!)

We found the festival but it was really, really small so we kept walking on to the reservoir to play in the water and see if there was anything else going on around town...

Love this one...

She ended up getting completely soaked to her neck.  She was having a blast...I kept  warning her that we didn't have a towel or change of clothes but she didn't care!

Since we were right there, of course we HAD to stop in at the Carousel of Happiness.  Always a must..cheap, fun and inside..you just can't go wrong.  Poor Owen had mixed feelings though..when the carousel first started he was giggling and yelling "WOOOAH!!!" but then about halfway through he started crying, poor guy.  Oh well, luckily it's a short ride and he was happy to watch from the benches when Zoe took one last ride all by herself (she didn't even need me to help her get unbuckled to climb down...times sure have changed quickly)
Waiting  our turn

Still okay

Great day!

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