Sunday, October 7, 2012


I looooooove this time of year so much.  Really, anything we do is my new favorite thing if it happens on a day like today or a weekend like this weekend.

A few days ago, I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and before I knew it, Owen was throwing my phone directly into my cup.  It was so ridiculous and funny..felt like I was starring in some corny sitcom about parenting...that I had to just laugh as I quickly fished it out.  That split second it was submerged in liquid was enough to make the phone completely shut down and I was forced to ponder life without it for a year (when I get another free upgrade).  At first, I'll admit, I felt a little panicky but I slowly started realizing that life without a phone could actually be pretty peaceful.  I spent the next day without it and by the time it came back to life, I have to say I felt a little disappointed.  I did realize that there are things I appreciate about having a phone right in my pocket so I am glad I have it back, but the experience prompted me to try and be much more aware of how much I use it.  I try and stop myself anytime I have the urge to mindlessly pull out my phone to look at something and prioritize in those moments.  Most times if I give myself a second to really consider it, the phone loses out over the kids and/or Nathan.  I'm hoping the habit calms down so that I don't have to constantly remind myself or that I can continue to fight the urge to give into those impulses and stay in the moment more.  I've also decided to keep the computer turned off while I'm home with the kids (Owen is napping now and Zoe is out with Nathan) and that also helps keep me in check.

Anyway, I don't know if it's the mere fact that Fall has officially arrived or that I've been forcing myself to look up and around as opposed to down at my phone but the past week has been so are some photos to prove my point:

We took the kids to Wonderland Lake Park last weekend.  We'd gone once last year but that day was windy and cold so we didn't stay long.  People often mention it as a great place to go to  spend a couple of hours because it's right in Boulder, has a playground and a nice walk around a pretty lake.  So glad we finally went on a nice day!  I was excited to get some shots of the fall sweater I'd just finished for Owen too!  (Here's a link for it if you're interested...)

There's a pocket of time I have to myself on days when Zoe goes to school.  After I drop her off, I come home and put Owen down for a nap and I actually have time to do whatever I want (at home of course).  It's amazing, but I have to say that sometimes I pathetically snack and snack or surf the web mindlessly because I don't know what else to do.  It wasn't until the other day (because of my new goal to think outside the technology box) that I realized I could simply sit out on my patio with a cup of coffee and close my eyes or just...BE there..smelling the smells, noticing color, listening to the sounds of my favorite season...

Random fact here:  Lately, if Owen gets in Zoe's way, she puts him in a "corral".  So far he thinks it's funny, but I'm trying to prep her for the day when he won't be so agreeable about it.  She says she knows, but...I'm prepping MYSELF for the inevitable screaming match.

Owen enjoying the warmth from his "coffee" while waiting for his morning toast.

I came across this recipe for Pumpkin Whoopie Pies this week and immediately wished someone would whip some up for me and hand deliver them to my door.  For some reason, I felt like I wouldn't be able to pull them off even though I'm capable in the kitchen.  After a day or so of fantasizing about that though, I realized I just had to get the ingredients and give them a shot.  While I was making them, Zoe randomly decided to paint pumpkins because she got excited about a "pattern" she had in mind for one of them.  The scene (including the yummy smells I can't include here) was one of my favorites from this week.  The pies came out great by the way!  More time consuming than a standard baking endeavor for me, but worth it--easy!

Nathan and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on Friday!  We have a great trip planned for January...Nathan's parents will come take care of the kids so we can go off--JUST THE TWO OF US FOR 5 DAYS--to Steamboat Springs!!!  We can't believe it!!!  So, for the actual day we just went out to a nice dinner.  No, I didn't wear a hoodie to our nice dinner date.  We took this when we got home.

This morning, we went to Ya Ya Farm in Longmont to get our (my) cider donut fix.  Until last year, when my friend Marisa told me about this farm, every Fall I would lament the fact that nobody out here knows what a cider donut even IS, let alone where to get one.  Thank goodness for Ya Ya Farm.  The farm is beautiful (although, to be totally snobby, it's nothing like a Vermont apple farm) and they have these huge, friendly horses that you are allowed to feed carrots to.  You can pick your own apples (although we haven't there) and take a hay ride while you eat your donuts and enjoy the perfect Colorado weather..


"Sweetie Pie" and her foal.  This horse was so sweet...Zoe fell head over heels.

Beautiful, beautiful Colorado...

Despite my resistance to it, I am starting to feel a tiny bit of "Buff Pride" these days.  I've insisted over the last few years that I'm "not a sports person" but Zoe's recent interest in soccer has reminded me of the reasons I actually do enjoy some organized sports.  I played soccer in high school and although I was never very good, I did manage somehow to find my way onto the varsity team (as a star bench warmer).  As an adult, I've never missed it but through Zoe's enthusiasm for it, I've been reminded of my fondness for the sport.  The women's team plays home games right across the street from our apartment complex and the games are free so we often wander over there if we hear a game going on.  This year, I actually put the home games on the calendar and we've been walking over there on purpose.  Some evenings, they even bring the CU mascot, "Ralphie" to the field to practice her run when no one is there.  Since we live right there, we see them drive in and so can go watch them practice.  That field is one of the reasons I feel so lucky to live where we do.  It's really fun and I always get the feeling that it's something the kids will always remember about our time here.

Today was picture day with Ralphie!

Waiting for Ralphie to run

Go Ralphie!!

This is "Chip", the....other mascot?  I don't quite get it..I mean, I guess it's  because Ralphie can't exactly run around acting like a fool at the games to pump up the crowd and pose for pictures but I don't understand why they don't just call this guy Ralphie too.  At any rate, the kids love him.  Zoe from afar and Owen right up close, as you can see.
Well there, that was a lot of pictures!  Hope you are all enjoying this time of year as much as we are!

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