Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mission San Jose

Woah! Long time no see, huh?

I recently decided to separate myself from Facebook, so am reviving my blog. This time around, I'll be focusing more on posting pictures as opposed to writing, and putting less pressure on myself to post only when I feel like I have "something to say". I just want a place to share my photos as I work to improve my photography skills and to give little updates on our family adventures for those who enjoy following along with us as we explore this new life of ours in San Antonio, TX.

So, here we go!

Grandma and Pepaw are here visiting for Thanksgiving this week and we couldn't be more happy to finally have the chance to make a family connection in our new home. After taking Pepaw to a movie in the park last night ("The Three Amigos"--one of my all time favorites!), we were joined by Grandma and piled in the car to head to Mission San Jose. We finally got the cool down we've been promised for so long, and we have been practically walking on air the past few days in our 50-60 degree weather (including the middle of the afternoon!). Anyway, it was a beautiful day that we ended by strolling around and eating dinner at the Historic Market Square downtown.

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  1. Your photography is utterly amazing, Sarah! Hope all is well with you (it looks like the move to San Antonio was a fantastic one!!)