Thursday, December 29, 2016

Alamo Bowl

I scored a new lens with my Christmas money and had a fun excuse to take it out and practice today since our CU Buffs are in town for the Alamo Bowl. Nathan's parents are here with our nephew Brayden, so we all went down to a pre-game party (we didn't lay down the cash for the actual game) and enjoyed the Riverwalk while we were at it. It was a really funny combination of our life experiences over the last 7 years being surrounded by Buff fans in all-out gear downtown, snapping a picture with Chip next the the Tower of Americas, and randomly joining into the fight song as we walked along the river. Personally I couldn't get over how perfect the evening was for the 4 of us. Now we are in the comfort of our apartment watching them get pummeled...just like old times. I'm becoming more and more positive that having our family within 100 miles of the team must bring them bad luck. Sorry Buffs but welcome to San Antonio anyhow!

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