Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wildflower Peeping

Happy Spring!

Since visiting just before our move last year, we've been hearing a lot about the stunning Texas wildflowers.  In order to officially ring in the season, we thought we would celebrate by peeping at Spring in all it's glory up in the Hill Country. Most of the color and variety was found along the highway where we couldn't stop and snap photos, but we finished the day off by enjoying Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg. The farm has beautiful poppy fields right now and although we didn't really get a closeup view of our state flower, the bluebonnet, we did see an endless amount along the highway. All in all a success although, as do so many places and moments, it made me wish my Mom could have joined us...I think she would have loved the vibrant colors and wide variety. Maybe someday, Mom--in the meantime I hope you enjoy these photos!

The one photo I was able to snap with my phone along the highway. I suppose we could have found more spots, but I was busy just soakin' it in.

Owen took this one with my phone. I edited it a bit in Instagram but the kid has a good eye, no?

These cactus flowers are proving to be Nathan's favorite. I see cacti in our future yard!

Managed to snap this one lonely bluebonnet. The farm had a big field of them, but it was fenced off for limited viewing from afar.

I can't remember the name of this one, but I dubbed it a personal favorite when I worked at Clear Brook Farm in Shaftsbury after college (sooooo long ago). Still a fav, whatever it's called!

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