Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mission: Whale/Meerkat/Chipette Bday Party

Zoe has been talking about her birthday party for a good 2 months now, at least.  It's been two months of "Can we do that at my birthday party?  Please, Mommy??" and for most of the requests, I could get by with an "Of COURSE!" knowing each idea was fleeting but....the one thing that came up every single time was "Mommy, I really want my party to be about whales, meerkats and The Chipettes".  There was no swaying her, believe me I tried.  I know that I could have just shrugged it off and convinced her somehow to just pick ONE theme but I just didn't have the heart to.  So, I set to work trying to think of ways to include all three...I never did figure out a way to really tie them all together, but each was featured and I think it went over well.  I know you feel really grateful that I'm sharing these pictures and ideas because whale/meerkat/Chipette birthday parties are ALL the rage now.  I will graciously accept your unending gratitude in advance for saving your child's next birthday.  Here you go!

The ocean room..I also bought a $20 multi-colored disco ball for this room and gave the kids bubbles

Digging for know, like meerkats do....get it??

The kids got to keep whatever they dug up

As I was thinking about this and setting it up (I had to borrow sand from the sandbox at the playground and I felt kind of silly) I wasn't sure it was worth it but it totally was--the kids loved it!

Chipette (+Dave) Twister.  I found pictures online, stuck them on there with clear contact paper and wrote the character's initials with a sharpie on the spinner

Decorate a meerkat

Sweet friends!

A version of musical chairs:  We play this with paper bags when we go to the Cape over the summer with my family...I taped pictures of The Chipettes on paper plates...when the kids were bumped out, they got a whoopie cushion to take home.  I love how everyone is blurry/in motion in this picture, but Zoe happens to be clear and looking at the camera.

Happy Birthday, Zoe!!

If we are Facebook friends, you may have seen my request for advice about making a whale cake.  A lot of you gave me some great advice, but I ended up going with my friend Gail's idea...bought mini whale-shaped pans and had the kids decorate their own little cakes.  Of course, due to my ineptness in the baking arena, they looked nothing like whales but it was still worth it and fun.  The kids managed to add some personality to the little blobs of cake I presented them with.

Made this little cake with the leftover batter...

 Yay!  Fun!  Also though:  Yay!  Done with our birthday parties until next September!


  1. Wow, Sarah!! This is so great! What fun memories for Zoe! :-D

  2. Thanks! Wish you guys had been there, of course!