Thursday, February 17, 2011

One of those days...

It's days like today when I think I might have some idea of what it would feel like to suffer through Chinese Water Torture.  I think Zoe said my name 1,000 times today in one constant stream all day..."Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?...." never yelling and hardly ever raising her voice but it was just so relentless.  I could even hear her downstairs while I was upstairs, just a little louder and a little more drawn out...."Mommmaaaayyyyy?Mommmmaaayyyy?Mommmmmaaayyyyy?..." You know, so I could hear her while trying to quietly get the baby to sleep...Half the time she doesn't need one single thing other than for me to acknowledge her existence (as if I don't do that every other second of every day), and the other half of the time she's asking for the same thing  for the 100th time because she thinks maybe THIS is the time I'll say "Yes, you can have candy for breakfast."  At one point, I was cleaning up a painting project while holding the fussy baby (of course, he didn't take good naps today which probably explains my poor coping skills) and she was asking for a piece of  toast with melted cheese. Fun fact:  3 year olds are not capable of saying "Mommy, when you're done doing that do you think I could have a piece of cheesy toast with melted cheese, please?" and I would never expect my own 3 year old to honestly, but what kills me is that this is the way it comes out:

Zoe:  "Mommy, I want a piece of cheesy toast with cheese melted on top."
Me:  (Baby starting to fuss) "What are you forgetting to say?"
Zoe:  "Please?"
Me:  "Sure, as soon as I get this cleaned up I'll get it for you."
Zoe:  "Mommy?"
Me:  (Baby fussing a bit louder) "Yeah?"
Zoe:  "I want a piece of cheesy toast with cheese melted on top."
Me:  "I know, honey you just said that. I'll get it for you when I'm done cleaning this up."
Zoe:  "Mommy?"
Me:  "Honey, I know you want a piece of toast with cheese--"
Zoe:  "Cheese MELTED on top!"
Me:  (Baby inconsolable) "I know. But I'm in the middle of cleaning up your LAST demand, now give me a minute and I'll get your toast."
Zoe:  "Mommy?"
Me:  "Zoe, please don't say it again."
Zoe:  "No, I wasn't gonna say it."
Me:  "Oh okay, go ahead then."
Zoe:  "What are we doing today?"

Sheesh.  After that, I decided to get us outside for an emergency change of scenery (well, I EVENTUALLY got organized to get out and Zoe said to me "Geez, Mommy you must be a GENius!....It took you SO long to get out here!"  Huh?), and we had a great afternoon and evening.  Playing outside fixes everything, and dinner with Daddy (especially when Daddy cooks!) tops it all off.  As we did our "cheers" at the table, Zoe proclaimed "A wonderful weekend!"  Somehow, it usually all ends up okay at the end of the day but sometimes the journey is a little slow and bumpy.

On another bright note, our amaryllis is blooming again.  My sister Emily gave us a cutting of it way back when and it's still kicking, although it's had some rough times.  The last time it bloomed we were in Brooklyn, so it's made me feel a little sentimental.  It decided to bloom right next to this star I made the other day and hung in the window so it made the event even a little more cheerful....


  1. She's awesome. :) most days I can't wait for Ellie to start talking, then I read this and I just have to shake my head and laugh. You're a rock star.

  2. Yeah, definitely a mixed blessing. ;-) Mostly hilarious, though...endless entertainment if nothing else!

  3. I'm enjoying reading your blog!