Thursday, February 3, 2011


People tell me there's nothing like seeing your kids play together.  It was never that hard for me to believe, honestly because of all the incredible memories I have of playing with my siblings growing up.  Now more than ever though, I get excited about being able to watch these two kiddos grow up together. 

For the first 3 months of Owen's life, he literally could do no wrong in Zoe's eyes.  Not even his crying seemed to bother her, and she would often remind me:  "It's okay if he cries, Mommy".  Though, now that he is in the stage where his little hands are grabbing onto things and not letting go until you physically pry them off, the former little baby doll she had in her house is now starting to irk the Zo-ster.  More and more she will say things like "O-WEN.  Stop kicking me!"  or "Mommy, Owen pulled my hair!!" and she is already swiping toys out of his little hands...for now he could care less, but soon he'll put up a fight and I'll really have my work cut out for me. 

The look on his face when his big sister comes into view, though...boy it can't be mistaken.  She is already the coolest person he knows and she is more than happy to play that role.  She does, for sure still adore him most of the I happened to look over to see her hugging him and saying quietly in his ear "I'm so proud of you."....melt my stinking heart.

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