Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowy Day Fun

We had another cold, snowy day today, which means we spent pretty much all day inside rather than bundling us all up to go outside.  It's hard enough with the two kids and myself but Zoe often insists on bundling her stuffed animals  when we go out...a battle I've tried to fight in the past and have come to accept that the actual energy I put into helping her bundle them is LESS than it is to argue with her about it.  So, I begrudgingly bundle the "buddies", all the while laughing on the inside about the things we Moms will do for our kids.  I like to picture how many ridiculous things we had my Mom doing while we were this little and I silently thank her for everything.

So, it was a day for projects in our house because I tend to go stir crazy if I spend all day at Zoe's beck and call!  Owen did us a huge favor and took a long nap in the crib so Zoe and I made these heart boxes, inspired by the Pink and Green Mama blog I love so much.  We made one for Zoe and Owen and one for me and Nathan so that we can deliver Valentines to each other.  We hung them on our bedroom doors and I plan to leave the kids and Nathan little notes in their boxes after bedtime this week, to be discovered in the morning.  On Valentines Day I will put some treats in there.  We had fun making them...it was a great project for her because she could decorate it however she wanted after I got it all cut out and everything.

After that, we made these delicious Banana Chocolate Brownies for our dinner at Gretchen and Hunter's house.  We've been spending Tuesday evenings at their house while the Daddies are busy with school and Gretchen is about to have a baby so we wanted to spoil her a little.  We found the recipe the other day after Zoe requested banana brownies and I think they will most definitely be a regular occurrence.  YUM.  Give them a try, they are delicious. http://www.cheapcooking.com/Recipes/bananabrownies.htm.  It was Hunter's 3rd birthday so we got to sing Happy Birthday and watch the kids try and figure out the trick candles Gretchen gave us all.  We all got giggling so much, and I think it's safe to say that it was just the thing we all needed.

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