Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have started this post 3 times already.  First, I wanted to write about how much easier this baby stuff is the second time around but in the middle of writing it, Zoe woke up and wanted me to sit in her room while she tried to fall asleep and I totally lost my train of thought.  Actually it would be much more accurate to say that she wanted me to sit in her room while she tried to come up with reasons for her NOT to go to sleep.  (ie "Mommy, can I sleep in your bed?....Why not?  Please?  Please?....Yes Mommy...YES Mommy....Mommy, my hair is really hot...yes it is, Mommy it's really hot....Can I just sit in the chair with you for a few minutes?....Mommy?...")  Then as I was leaving her room (not because she was asleep but because she was requesting Daddy's presence), the baby woke up so I had to go get HIM back to sleep.  Then I started to write a story about a funny thing Zoe said the other day and.....I...just....couldn't think of how to start it.  I was about to log off and call it a day but decided to write about all of THAT because isn't the fact that I'm totally distracted and can't form a thought to save my life just as valid a moment than a well thought out and clearly articulated one?


  1. articulate indeed! visiting from Circle of Moms!

  2. Thanks ladies! Just hate those days when I can't think straight!