Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rainbow Gnome Adventure, Part V: The Final Installment

Well, the lovely Cullis family has finally reached their destination:  South Africa.  There they will stay....man!  That's REALLY REALLY far.  Boo.  Seriously though, so glad for them.  Now they can start growing some roots and maybe, maybe someday we'll win the lottery and go visit them in the beautiful country they now call home.

We miss you guys!  Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us!
"On Dee Why beach (Australia) watching the crazy life savers row their huge wooden rowing boats out through enormous surf."
"At Sydney Opera House. One incredible architectural feat." 
"Nina on Fisherman's Beach, Simon's Town (South Africa)."


  1. So fun to see their travels! The traveling gnome is such a cute idea. We sure do miss our neighbors (a house of single guys has replaced them- not nearly as fun nor as cute) but are glad they are having fun seeing the world and will get to be closer to some family! Yay!

  2. **sigh** Yes, happy for them but you can't change the fact that the playground just isn't the same without those guys.