Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holy Smokes

Well!  My everyday life has certainly taken a major turn over the last few weeks.  I don't know how much you've been following along with Raising Little Heroes, but the group has suddenly gone from something I thought about a few days out of each month to something I think about almost all day every day.   Since posting about the group on BoulderRocknMoms, membership has quadrupled and I now have nearly 50 families who have expressed interest in hearing about our projects.  It's been really exciting because it's something I've honestly dreamed about since before I even had kids.  As exciting as it's been though, I have to say it's been a little scary too because I want so badly to get this group off to the right start and keep all the interest I've managed to spark in people I've never met.  I've been frantically trying to find plenty of projects to line up over the next few months, learning about and considering whether or not going the nonprofit route would be the right fit for the group (and for me), talking about graphic design/logo/branding, having a post published on Psychology Today and being interviewed for WIRED magazine's blog, GeekDad.  Although I can say with complete confidence that while I'm not exactly sure what the future holds for our little group, if it isn't successful it won't be because I didn't give it my all.  More than ever, I'm facing fears and self-doubt and plowing through...willing myself to walk right into businesses to tell them about our group and ask them if they'd like to work with us... asking complete strangers if they believe in me and what the group stands for enough to commit to putting in some time to make it all work...getting a lot of no's and less-than-thrilled responses from various people about project ideas and turning right around to try other avenues...stuff like that...stuff that, while I knew I had it in me to not let it, has held me back in the past and kept me from seeing things through.  So, although I still feel a bit frazzled by it all, I've found myself, with every phone call and every new avenue explored, more and more confident.  I'm already seeing a clearer picture of what our group can/will hopefully become once we all get to know each other and get a few months of projects under our belts.  I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, even though it's been so exciting, this weekend was such a nice break from all of this.  I still did some work,  but I also let myself relax and enjoy time with our little family here in our little apartment.  Nathan has had the whole weekend since Thursday off so we've had plenty of hang out time...we've eaten a lot of great food (thanks to Nathan, as usual) and were able to celebrate a doubly special day, as Zoe's birthday landed right on Thanksgiving day for the first time since the year she was born (5 years ago!)  I'm so grateful for this weekend because Nathan is about to enter into not only the end of the semester but the end of rehearsals/tech/performance as well, which means "See you in 4 weeks, honey".  The time will fly and before we know it he will be done and we'll have some more great hang out time but...well, you know...

Nathan wanted to try gingerbread houses this year and I'm so glad he did--it was really fun!  I'm officially in awe of those people on the food channels that make the really elaborate gingerbread houses--that shit is NOT easy, people!

Go ahead and try to match the person to the house...

If you are at all surprised that this is what Owen ended up doing with his house, you officially do not know him well enough.

Owen's station


Zoe's, Nathan's and my finished products....

.....and Owen's finished product.
Also, just because these two sights make me so a kid I could never stare at the Christmas tree long enough.  I have many many memories of falling asleep on our couch staring at our tree, trying to soak the warmth up enough to last me all year.  Now, although I really do love our living room with all the over the top-ness that I cherish so (and feel SO thankful to have found someone in Nathan who feels the same way about it all) my favorite is our kitchen.  It's officially the winter solstice room now and every night before going up to bed I stand in there staring at it like I used to stare at our tree when I was a kid.  I don't want to turn the lights off and go to bed, it's just so peaceful...
I especially love what our new piano has added to the whole scene this year.  Please don't judge us by the toys stuffed under adds to the charm, believe me.

***sigh***  I know it doesn't look like much, but I could sit here all night.

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  1. Love this! Photographs are terrific-love Batman concentrating on his creation, Zoe precisely setting those decorations in place and the entire sense of a warm, loving family that shines through this post!