Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break/Easter

It's always an adjustment getting back to reality after a great holiday break around here and this time is no exception.  We had such a nice, long, luxurious Spring Break because Nathan didn't have to work one second of it.  We had considered going on a little trip, but we went on a couple of Family Housing Family Week excursions instead.  Technically, I had to work 2 of them (we offer activities/outings all week during Spring Break for residents....discounted tickets, free bus's pretty great), but both were things we like to do anyway if we have the cash for them (which we haven't lately) so it was pretty perfect.  On Monday, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Thursday, the Denver Zoo.

Highlights from the Nature and Science Museum:  1)  Upon entering the space room, Zoe excitedly saying to me, "Ooooo Mommy!  I want to go over there and learn some facts!!"  2)  Realizing that the last time we were there, Owen was only about 6 months old so all of this cool stuff was totally new to him  3)  Realizing that Zoe is old enough to actually appreciate hearing me read some of the info about the displays...and can actually read some of them herself  4)  Zoe learning to tie her shoes on the bus ride home

Highlights from the Zoo:  1)  The new elephant home there is BEAUTIFUL.  If you live nearby and haven't seen it, you should check it out  2)  The weather was absolutely perfect.  A tad chilly when we got there clearing to sun and warmth by the time we left  3)  We timed it perfectly and got to see everything including Zoe's favorite at the moment (polar bear--had a hard time moving on..she was so in love) and Owen's too (hippo--he sang "Hippopotamus Rock" to it) and ride the carousel.  We had to rush through the monkey section but the kids were wiped by then anyway so could  barely lift their heads to look at them.

Zoe felt really inspired to draw when we got home and shocked me with this beautiful drawing of an elephant (and it's hay there hanging from a rope):

The rest of the week was filled with fun around the apartment (and one day on Pearl Street).  Some days were lazy, some productive...if you ask me, the week was a perfect balance of fun and relaxation, not to mention snow and sun:
First official day of Spring Break

We had to create our own sun during the first part of the week

We got together with some neighbors for an egg dying party...

...and then dove into our own traditional Easter weekend the next day.  We've become pretty sentimental about the traditions we've started in our little family of four.  We seem to add a bit of detail every year, and always cherish the time together.
Getting the baskets ready for the Easter Bunny

Impromptu family spring cleaning..totally "springified" our patio and we are all PUMPED about it.

..and back to eating on the patio!  Hooray!

I tried something new this year:  Easter Bunny rolls.  I substituted butter for the shortening and rosemary (ground in a coffee grinder) for the celery seed.  They were yummy but just because I'm a big believer in telling the WHOLE truth...this was the 1st sheet...


...and 3rd. Yeah...this happened  because a) I was taking too long shaping the bunnies, so the dough started to dry, b)  I was anxious to hang out with Nathan and the kids outside while they colored eggs and c)  I was bored with it.  Who cares?   My motto is, "It doesn't matter what it looks like, just as long as it tastes good".  Really, this is my motto--I didn't just make it up after this bunny incident.
See?  All mixed together they just look like warm, buttery rolls.   They all tasted the same going down!

Getting ready to plant jelly beans.  Did you know that if you plant them the day before Easter, they grow into something else fun?

Don't forget to water them!


Writing a note to the Easter Bunny.  Telling him where he can hide the eggs, in true Zoe fashion.
All set!
I told you!  Magic jelly beans!

First hint for the basket hunt.
Owen was old enough to have his own hunt this year (this clue, in case you're wondering...I know you are, is telling him to look on the bottom shelf of our bookcase)

Frog on bike

The spoils

Ode to my Mom

Zoe got jax in her basket this year.  I got cat's cradle.  She's now obsessed with both and I'm having major flashbacks.

Painting nails with new glitter polish
We even got started on some gardening this week (crazy considering those first photos I showed you, right?  Crazy Colorado)

We switched garden plots this year, and when Zoe and I went out to take stock we were a little disappointed to see the mess we'd these photos, please notice Zoe's acting skillz.  We are going for a progression thing...stay tuned as the season rolls along...
After our first day of  work..a liiiittle better...
Both kids came out with me on Easter Sunday while Nathan went to the gym and quietly worked and hung out for TWO AND  A HALF HOURS.  I was amazed.  I have a good feeling about our plot this year.  New spot, better soil (we're told) and older, more patient kids.  Zoe in particular is a work horse.  There have been at least a few times when I've wanted to call it quits and she makes us stay until we're done with what we set out to do.
End of 2nd day!  Soil turned, weeds pulled!  We're on our way, folks!

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