Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Things

I had a post in mind for tonight but got distracted....was headed to bed and realized I wanted to at least share these happy things with you...more thoughts to come!

The kids sharing a quiet lunch together on our patio

 Two of the dozen or so pictures I took of our crab apple trees in bloom.  Feels like everyone has pictures like this right now, but I couldn't stop staring and shooting...so beautiful, and right on our patio!

The dress I made yesterday for Zoe out of one of my favorite skirts (I never wear it anymore but keep it in the closet for some reason)...



Front with optional sash

Back with optional sash

Front with optional scarf (and Zoe's kitty..she dressed her up too, can you tell?)

 Afternoons with girlfriends and art projects...

One last shot of the busy girls...okay, maybe I was admiring the dress again, too  ;-)

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