Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bone To Pick

Seriously guys, I'm a little pissed at the Easter Bunny.  This is at least the third year in a row he (or she, as Zoe kept saying) has forgotten to bring me Peeps.  I mean,  I know they are totally disgusting and I know they don't exactly fit into my new heart healthy diet but you can go ahead and shoot me because I love them.  Also, last year he (or she) was really great about leaving the kids a little candy, a little money and plenty of easily-lost-between-the-couch-cushions-or-often-times-fished-out-of-Owen's-mouth-right-before-they-got-lodged-in-his-throat toys. A perfect mix of junk that was either belly bound, piggy bank bound or garbage can bound (that is, if it's ever fished from amidst the dust bunnies behind the TV).  This year though, all he (or she) brought was loads and loads of cheap, delicious, hard -to-say-no-to-just-10-pieces-before-breakfast candy along with some clearly-an-after-thought-pocket-lint-covered change.  I'm guessing he (or she) was busy and that maybe Easter sneaked up on him (or her) and that maybe by the time he (or she) realized Easter was coming up, he (or she) only had one quick 20 minute window to get everything for the baskets.  Sure we, as their parents, probably could have avoided Owen's 9am sugar crash and Zoe's 4:30 and 7pm puking sessions by telling them they couldn't have as much candy as they wanted but then they wouldn't think we're totally awesome and who wants THAT on Easter morning?  So, I blame the Easter Bunny.  He (okay, okay SHE) can suck it.

Honestly, though aside from the puking we had a nice weekend and then day today:

Dying eggs with Daddy.  I've never been that sentimental about this tradition honestly, so Nathan's always the one motivating us to do it.  Every year I feel more and more grateful for his enthusiasm and am beginning to appreciate it.

Zoe putting our baskets together.  It was fun to have her so involved in preparing this year.

We revisited clean mud at the end of the day yesterday and I was so pleasantly surprised to realize it's the perfect kind of activity for Owen.  He must have spent a half hour messing with it and then pouring water from bowl to bowl and trying to carry it around without spilling it.  I'll have to break this one out more often.

Two of my favorites from this bunch though:

Proof that he's not always happy with me...

..and the way these kinds of activities usually end up

This year we planted (and then watered, of course) 4 jelly beans in our backyard because I'd read somewhere that if you plant them the day before Easter something cRaZy happens...

I went grocery shopping in the morning and when I came back, Nathan and Zoe had made a dandelion necklace for me and I wore it until it fell off.  What a nice surprise--I really did love it!

Overall, the day was a success (depending on your point of view I guess)!  Happy Easter!

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