Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One too many

I swear I did not give my child beer.  Okay, okay I let her have a tiny, tiny taste....Okay, it might have been two tiny tastes but only because I thought she didn't really get a taste the first time.  Anyway, the fact that she threw up all night after the tour of the Coors brewery was just a coincidence....Stop LOOKING at me like that!

Zoe, Owen and I went down to Golden, CO for a quick day trip on Saturday with the May-Ostendorp's.  It's a cool little town and not far away at all, and the Coors brewery has free self-guided tours so we all piled in the car together and went down for the day.  It was a beautiful day and the tour, while short and not all that exciting, was fun.  Got some free beer out of it, anyway and a few "Never thought I'd" moments, which are always welcome:  "Never thought I'd be ordering a beer at a bar while nursing my baby in a baby carrier", "Never thought I'd send my 3 year old up to a bar for a refill."  It was pink lemonade, okay?  So, stop judging!
After the tour we spent some time outside at a nearby park and then walked along the Clear Creek path.  All in all a lovely day.
Then, a few hours after bedtime we heard Zoe crying and calling for Daddy, and we went up to discover that she had thrown up in her bed.  Ugh.  I swear, of all the unpleasant parenting duties, this is the one I just can't seem to come to terms with.  In the moment, instead of springing to action, it takes me several minutes of running around like a chicken with my head cut off to think of a (not very well thought out) plan of action.  I think it's because my unwilling brain is trying to think of anything other than the inevitable, which is that I actually have to TOUCH IT.  Yuck.  Anyway, all the while, the poor kid is scared and uncomfortable so eventually we clean it up.  Well, Nathan took clean up duty (THANK YOU NATHAN) while I took Zoe duty...showering her, comforting her etc.  This lasted from about 10:30 until about 3:30am during which she threw up 5 times....the next day, she was exhausted and had no appetite, but thank goodness there was no more puking because I was alone all day through bedtime with both kids.  Not sure what I would have done if she had still been throwing up....

Then yesterday, while Nathan was at the library FINISHING WRITING HIS THESIS....yup, he finished it!  I cannot imagine ever, in my life being able to accomplish what he's accomplished.  Not only the writing of 160-some pages, but doing that while being an involved father of two such small children.  He's amazing and I'm so proud of and happy for him....anyway, while he was working, Zoe and I had a somewhat normal day.  Not much to report except that we made a box of Rainbow Rice.  Got the idea from Pink and Green Mama, but colored it with liquid watercolor paint instead of food coloring.  We actually colored it Sunday when she was recovering from the night before and played with it yesterday.  She loved playing with it, and I thought it looked really pretty and it was satisfying watching her mix all the colors together as she played...I'm posting a lot of pictures here because I thought it was so fun and so cool-looking...
The supplies
Adding the paint

After that, we spent some time outside on our patio because the weather is getting to be beautiful again...I was covering the stool I made the other day with a wood finish and Zoe wanted to paint a little birdhouse I got for her for Valentines Day and also the box she was working on while I was working on my stool.  It was so nice and relaxing...could have done that all day!
I loved watching her being totally sucked into her project!  So cute...

Zoe took this!
Other than that, we're enjoying the spring-like weather...so nice to go out to the playground and see all of our friends out there playing at once.  This evening, Nathan carried Owen in the carrier so I actually got to PLAY with Zoe.  Taught her and a few of her little friends how to play freeze tag and we played forever.  So fun!

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