Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dork Patrol

I'm not a match-y match person.  I have been wearing Chuck Taylors for years now.  I love them.  When my husband got some and started to wear them more, I started to wear them less so we wouldn't be the "Chuck Taylor couple".  Zoe has a cute little pair and I try to make sure she and I don't wear them on the same day.  So, you can imagine my chagrin when it was pointed out to me in music class today that Zoe, Owen and I all had our Brooklyn shirts on.  Ugh!  I had no idea, and there I was stuck without a change of clothes!  So, today we were the "Brooklyn family", or the way I saw it the "Dork family".  Thankfully, I was able to laugh about it (while blushing a bit) and didn't change any of our shirts all day.
While getting ready to head out the door to music class, I found myself in the most bizarre situation.  It happens a lot when you are a Mom, of course, and the situations I find funniest are when I'm not really in a rush so am able to go along with whatever game Zoe has going.  Today, she had decided that her Dora backpack (pictured above--the only dork without a Brooklyn shirt) was actually her baby.  I walked down the stairs to find Zoe trying really, really hard to get a pair of shoes on the backpack.  I had to seriously and patiently tell her at least 5 times that the shoes wouldn't stay on because the backpack doesn't have feet.  When she finally accepted that, she moved onto trying to put a jacket on it.  So I had to tell her 5 times that the jacket wouldn't stay on because the backpack doesn't have arms.  When she finally accepted THAT she moved onto trying to put a hat onto it, and I had to tell her 5 times that the hat wouldn't stay on because the backpack doesn't have a head....I felt so bad for her, being totally shot down at every turn but she took it well.  The backpack came to music class with us and participated along with Zoe.  There's a time at the end of class where the teacher (my friend Emily) asks if there are any birthdays and we sing Happy Birthday to the kids who have birthdays in the month.  Zoe turned to me and said "My backpack's birthday was March 7th", to which I said "Well, bring her up there then!"  She did, and the whole class sang Happy Birthday to Zoe's backpack.

On the crafting front, I finally found a way to use a couple of empty egg cartons.  Every time I put one in the recycling I have this urge to save it.  It's one of those things that feels like it's begging to be used in some crafty way but nothing ever comes to mind.  Yesterday, though I gave Zoe the side that holds the eggs and she made up a game that involved filling the cups with popcorn and some fuzzy craft balls and I made the top into a monster...
Then, today we started some seeds in the cups.  We had a nice afternoon outside on our patio planting wildflowers and starting to think about Spring.....I know it's still going to get cold before it warms up for good but it just feels SO close now!

Happy soon-to-be Spring!


  1. Haaa! Maggie told me about the backpack thing today. I laughed and said, "Yes. I can see that happening!" And what the heck, your egg carton monster is AWESOME. Looks JUST like the wild things monsters from the picture book. :)

  2. How awesome is that! My girls have grown out of the Dora stage of their life but having memories of them dancing right along with her..sigh..I will cherish them.

    I love that last photo of your little girl. She is beautiful!

    I took keep wanting to get started outside. The weather was so beautiful today. My husband is just itching to uncover the grill!

  3. Marisa--yeah, it was pretty classic Zoe. Thanks! It was really easy!

    Christina--it was beautiful here too...hope we don't have too many cold days left--really can't wait for spring!!! Ah...grilling...

  4. I love that monster! He kind of looks like on of the "Wild Things"! :) Your ideas are great, Sarah!

  5. Thanks again! I will be checking your blog out regularly now for sure!